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Due to the successful launch of the VISIN Heated Visor we have now sold out and are currently manufacturing more stock. Pre-order now for February delivery.

World's First Universal Heated Visor Insert

The VISIN Heated Visor Insert fits a wide range of helmets independent from any helmet brand so there is no need to compromise on your choice of preferred helmet.

8 Hour
Fits all Visors
40 Second
Always On
Mode To
Stay Clear
Lithium Ion
Battery Pack
When Riding
Minutes On A Single Charge

What is Visin heated visor insert


Powered by a multi-purpose, integrated power pack, VISIN is the first – and only – heated universal visor accessory designed specifically to provide motorcyclists, snowmobile riders and other helmet wearers with unrivalled visibility in adverse weather conditions.
This patent-pending, innovative product fits virtually any type of helmet and allows wearers to close their visors even in extreme weather conditions without having to compromise their visibility.

Why Visin

The exceptional performance of VISIN substantially exceeds the performance of the closest competitor products

Our expertise in premium-quality optical coatings delivers the technical capability to significantly enhance visors by way of superior light transmission levels.
Providing a sustained mist-free field of vision for up to 8 hours (which is sufficient for most riders’ journeys) and functioning effectively without riders having to open their visors or holding their breath, VISIN keeps riders dry, warm and safe – enabling them to enjoy the ride and focus on the road ahead with enhanced safety and in comfort.


Enabling safer journeys with increased comfort

We tested the universal VISIN heated visor insert by travelling from Cape Town, South Africa, to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and back again, exploring 10,000 km’s of endless glorious landscapes and amazing roads with perfect vision every step of the way.

0 deg
0 + mm
0 km

VISIN Heated Visor Insert is the first and only battery operated universal heated helmet accessory

Our conductive transparent coating allows electricity to pass across the film and instantly generate heat. This heating feature is what makes VISIN different from our competitors. Used on visors, the heat generated quickly clears any mist and prevents recurrence of further mist – providing riders with a clear field of vision without the need to raise visors.
8 Hour Battery Life

Up to 8 hours on a single charge
which should be sufficient for
most riders.

Universal Fitting

VISIN fits a wide range of helmets independant from any helmet brand.

Conductive Coating

Utilising a bespoke Diamond
Coatings conductive
transparent coating.


Extra VISIN visor inserts can be purchased separately, as can additional power & USB cables.

visin in action

How it works

Watch the video below to further understand how the VISIN Heated Visor Insert works, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with our team.

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