Yes, you can purchase replacement VISIN inserts on their own. We currently stock all our visors as individual items, and we are preparing further ranges of spares and accessories for release. Visit the shop here

Included in the pack;
  • VISIN Heated Visor Insert – Cable fitted
  • VISIN Battery Pack Unit
  • USB Charging Lead
  • Extension Cable
  • Visor Fitting Template – For positioning pre-fitting
  • Adhesive Labels – For fitting
  • Alignment Sticker – For fitting
  • Alcohol Wipe – For cleaning visor pre-fitting
  • User Manual

The Product and Technology

Our conductive transparent coating allows electricity to pass across the VISIN insert, generating heat to drive away mist and prevent further mist’s recurrence while activated. During heating, the power is either applied at normal level or at the boost level. The boost function will, once activated, last for 40 seconds and, by increasing power 2.5 times, rapidly clear a visor in severe weather conditions.

The typical battery life in normal mode is 8 hours. 

When the battery requires charging (time remaining with normal use approximately 30 mins), the unit will warn the rider by displaying a red LED and vibrating 3 times. When the device is completely out of power, it will vibrate 4 times and power down.

Having safety at its heart, VISIN makes riding safer in adverse conditions by improving visibility – while incorporating additional safety features including PCB electronic controls and ‘over temperature’ controls both in the operating and the charging states.


The VISIN universal heated helmet accessory will operate at temperatures ranging from -20°C up to 60°C. Accessory charging is available between 0°C and 60°C.

While this does depend on specific environmental conditions, a misted visor will typically be clear within 20 to 60 seconds. If VISIN Heated Visor is activated before the helmet is put on, this time will be significantly reduced.

VISIN requires very little maintenance – the insert may occasionally require a light cleaning. Instructions on how this should be done are provided on the care notice included in the pack.
VISIN is the only universal heated visor accessory operated by a battery – enabling the VISIN insert to effectively keep visors mist-free for much longer in even the most challenging of environmental conditions, the heating feature is the main differentiator between VISIN and most other “absorbent” products.

Fitting Visin to your Visor

Each of the inserts have a fitting guide available for print on their product page. Simply print them out (to scale) on A4/legal paper and cut around the blue outer line. You can use that template as a reference for which style will best fit your visor.

Click here to download all the fitting guides.

The VISIN Universal Heated Helmet Accessory is designed for ease of installation/application – as can be seen in our short video showing the installation process.
We designed VISIN for single application only. As removing it from your visor may affect both the gasket’s adhesion and the performance of our specialist conductive coating, reusing it on a different helmet is strictly at the user’s own risk and we do not recommend doing so.
Our product is delivered complete with a Cleaning & Care Instruction Sheet and a cleaning wipe. Care must be taken to refrain from using cleaning products that contain silicone, so please make sure to follow the directions provided on the instruction sheet.
Care to avoid excessive bending is required – VISIN must always be handled with care and fitted according to the provided “How to Fit” instructions. The attached video link shows how the product should be handled correctly.
The insert’s adhesive gasket is specifically designed to effectively hold the VISIN in place, while allowing for easy, damage-free (to the visor) removal, so removing the insert is comparatively straightforward. Any debris or residue left on the visor’s face should be removed in accordance with the standard Cleaning & Care Instruction Sheet.