Road Test in Africa

We tested VISIN travelling 10,000km from Cape Town to Victoria and back to Cape Town, exploring amazing roads and endless landscapes with perfect vision the entire way.

Some members of our team travelled 10,000km through Africa testing VISIN in all types of weather conditions.

The first of the two legs allowed them to explore 4 countries and travel 5,000km in 16 days. During this part of the tour they experienced diverse cultures and saw a fantastic array of landscapes. They started in South Africa and travelled through Lesotho, Sani Pass, Botswana and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. They immersed themselves in Africa’s warm culture and explored many different views and scenic roads. They discovered some beautiful, dramatic scenery in Botswana and Victoria Falls and rode spectacular mountain roads in Lesotho and Sani Pass. 

August 2018 – South Africa travelling from The Marine Hotel in Hermanus to Arniston Total 143 kms.

The temperature was 6°C when we set off with heavy cold rain. My bike gear was already on before we went outside and my helmet and VISIN device was on and activated. As soon as we stepped outside my visor was fully closed and you could see the non-heated area starting to fog immediately. The VISIN lens stayed completely clear. Whilst we were planning our route to Arniston I did not need to open the visor as VISIN maintained its clear vision without the need of the over boost function that is available. As we were travelling I was asked by 2 riders over our comms if the road in front was clear for them to pull out of a junction, as their vision was compromised. This is not an ideal situation for them to be in when the smallest visual hazards missed on a bike can turn into fatal accidents. The VISIN heated visor maintained its clear view for the entire 143km journey and I could have carried on for many more kilometres. When I arrived at our destination, removed my helmet and powered down the visor the built up moisture remained on the non-heated section of the helmet even though the helmet wasn’t on my head. VISIN proved very useful throughout the trip as our route increased elevation and we experienced more adverse weather conditions.

The second of the two legs of the tour saw our team travelling another four countries in 17 days. Starting at the spectacular Victoria Falls they travelled through Botswana, Namibia and ended in Cape Town. During this 5,000km of the tour our team explored the wonderful Namibia landscapes followed by the beauty of the Fish River Canyon and the gorgeous town of Franscchoek.

Throughout the whole tour our team explored spectacular views and experienced diverse cultures. They endured some gruelling weather conditions which meant at times some of their visibility was compromised. The VISIN helmet withstood the weather conditions they endured and allowed the riders’ uncompromised visibility. 


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