A Universal Visor That Can Be Heated

A Universal Visor That Can Be Heated

There are quite a few heated helmet options on the market, but they are pretty expensive, especially if your current helmet is more than adequate in providing the safety aspect – it seems crazy having to buy a new helmet for heat.

But maybe the inclusion of heat isn’t so crazy. We are not talking for comfort, helmets get pretty warm anyway! We mean for safety… Did you know you can now get visors that apply heat which in turn demists and prevents fogging up?

VISIN Heated Helmet Visor

In fact, this isn’t even a visor, it’s a thin film that can be applied easily and quickly to your existing visor. We are talking VISIN, a ground breaking accessory which we think every motorcyclist should adopt.

VISIN is the only universal, battery operated heated visor insert available in the world and keeps riders safer in adverse weather conditions by improving their visibility with clear fog-free vision. VISIN operates between -20°C to 60°C.

How Does VISIN Work?

The thin film comes with a very special coating, namely Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). ITO is used in many different applications, such as smart phones and heated windows (in fact, the same principles as heated windows apply here to the heated visor). So why is ITO special? It is both optically clear and also electrically conductive.

The thin film remains transparent with the ITO coating and can also carry an electric charge, which generates the heat required to de mist a visor.

Once clear, the visor remains clear for the duration of the battery life (around 8 hours). Importantly, there is no need to open the visor at any point – it will remain clear constantly.

When the battery powered heated visor insert is active, the visor is fog free. If required, there is even a boost mode which increases power by 2.5 times. The boost mode lasts for 40 seconds and will clear visors, even in the most extreme of conditions.

The battery power pack is charged via micro USB. With an 8 hour battery life, this should be sufficient for most riders journeys, it not all.

The visor insert has been thoroughly road tested and comes from a team with huge technical expertise and experience in ITO coatings – industry leading in fact.

If you are interested in your own bike safety and in upgrading your existing helmet without the additional costs involved when buying a new helmet, the heated visor insert from VISIN is a really good option – You can order your VISIN right now.