Anti Mist Coatings for Helmets (And A Better Way!)

Anti Mist Coatings for Helmets (And A Better Way!)

In this weather, the need for finding a solution to helmet fogging is real… There are a range of products on the market that offer potential remedies, with very different levels of success.

Anti-mist coatings for helmets have long been favoured for their initial effectiveness in combating visor fogging. They offer:

Initial Clarity – Upon application, anti-mist coatings provide a clear view, minimising fogging on helmet visors for a limited duration.

Temporary Relief – While functional initially, these coatings tend to wear off over time, requiring frequent reapplication or replacement to maintain effectiveness.

Sensitivity to Conditions – In extreme weather changes, anti-mist coatings may struggle to adapt, leading to fogging in sudden temperature shifts.

Limited Durability – The efficacy of anti-mist coatings diminishes gradually, especially in harsh weather conditions, compromising visibility when most needed.

I think after reading that, you are ready to hear about the “better way” we mentioned!

VISIN’s Heated Helmet Visor Inserts

VISIN’s heated helmet visor inserts represent a significant leap forward in overcoming the limitations of anti-mist coatings. Here’s why:

Continuous Clarity: Unlike anti-mist coatings, VISIN’s heated inserts provide consistent and continuous fog prevention, ensuring a clear line of sight throughout the ride.

Adaptive Technology: The heated inserts offer a boost mode to help adapt to changing environmental conditions, maintaining visibility regardless of external temperature fluctuations.

Enhanced Safety and Focus: By eliminating fogging concerns, VISIN’s inserts enable riders to focus on the road, enhancing safety and delivering an uninterrupted riding experience.

Long-Term Solution: Serving as a one-time investment, VISIN’s heated inserts offer a lasting solution for fog prevention, proving to be a cost-effective choice over time.

The VISIN heated visor insert utilises advanced heating technology that evenly distributes warmth across the visor surface. This eliminates fogging, ensuring optimal visibility in even the most challenging weather conditions.

Equipped with fast-heating technology, the VISIN insert reaches its desired temperature within seconds. This means you can hit the road with clear vision in no time, even on cold, foggy mornings.

Engineered to fit pretty much all helmet models and brands, the VISIN insert is a versatile accessory that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing gear.

The visor insert can be fitted (by yourself) to any existing helmet visor. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack with a full charge supplying 8 hours of continuous power.

In summary, while anti-mist coatings for helmets offer initial relief, they fall short in durability, adaptability, and consistent performance. VISIN’s heated helmet visor inserts redefine visibility by addressing these limitations, promising riders a superior and uninterrupted view in all weather conditions.

Sounds great right? You can buy yours here now!