Anti Mist Coatings For Your Motorcycle Helmet

Anti Mist Coatings For Your Motorcycle Helmet

If there’s one thing that is essential to all motorcyclists, it is clear vision. Keeping an eye on the road and on other vehicles at the same time becomes a second nature and for riders to remain as safe as possible, a mist free helmet visor is all too important.

This has been however a little overlooked within the motorcycle industry (until now… read on, we have the ultimate solution for anti mist helmet visors…)

Traditionally, Anti mist inserts work by absorbing moisture but these suffer from a moisture tolerance level – once the insert has reached peak moisture capacity, they become redundant. Another issue with these inserts is they do not fit every helmet on the market.

Other options include ‘magic’ anti mist sprays, but these are expensive (We have seen these sprays retailing at £70 for just 100ml) and are also limited in terms of heavy usage in damp and cold environments – they stop working…

Previously, the only other alternative would have been to open a vent on the helmet, or worse, raise your visor slightly. Helmets fog when it is cold and damp, so opening up the helmet to this environment is not ideal.

Now, there is a better option – VISIN, the world’s first heated motorcycle helmet visor insert.

Yes, that’s right… a visor insert that can be heated to alleviate any moisture within the helmet.

Anti mist coatings for your motorcycle helmet just got all technical. VISIN works by applying a small electric charge across the visor insert, which removes condensation pretty much immediately. The visor insert comes with a rechargeable (via USB) battery pack which offers 8 hours continuous run time.

The technical team behind VISIN have a long and experienced history of supplying electrically conductive clear coatings to a variety of industries for a host of applications. There are some keen riders within the team, so combined with their knowledge of conductive coatings and their passion for riding, it was only a matter of time before VISIN was realised.

The team have put VISIN through its paces during testing – they did a road tour in Africa, just to be sure! VISIN has been well received at Motorcycle shows in the UK and has become, for many, a real game changer.

As we mentioned above, clear vision is absolutely essential. VISIN now provides that and offers optimum rider safety and comfort as a result. You can find out more about the technology behind the anti mist visor insert HERE.

VISIN operates between -20°C to 60°C. If you want to ride in safety with uncompromised vision for the entire duration of your ride, you can purchase VISIN HERE.