Are Motorcycle Heated Helmet Visors Universal?

Are Motorcycle Heated Helmet Visors Universal?

You are here as you most likely just googled that exact question… We can save you time, as we googled too and have all the answers you need – and our research threw up some dubious ‘solutions’ along the way…

The short answer (until you read further down) is that heated helmet visors are not universal. There are a good few helmets out there with heat-able visors as an optional extra (but they come with a whopping price tag). These visors are very specific to the helmet model itself though (so not in any way universal).

Further research showed an unworkable DIY option involving some heated film tape but the end result was more than a little questionable – in fact, it looked awful and could never deliver the required and intended results.

So motorcycle heated helmer visors are not universal… Wait…

Let us talk about VISIN for a bit. If you are looking for a universal fit heated helmet visor, you are not going to be disappointed. VISIN will fit nearly every single visor on the market! It is a clear insert which is placed over a visor, which then provides a small but steady heat output, clearing visors and removing any trace of fogging.

Is there anything worse than being out on the road and the visor fogging up? As well as taking away from the whole riding experience, it’s obviously very dangerous.

There is literally no other product that does what VISIN can do. The team behind VISIN have a background in clear (electrically) conductive coatings which they have used on the visor insert. VISIN was the brainchild of the tech team at Diamond Coatings, who have worked with large corporations delivering clear conductive coatings in a variety of applications. These coatings have even found their way into outer space!

The clear layer used in VISIN visor inserts is produced using Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and allows each visor to be heated, without compromising on a riders vision. ITO is used widely in many areas, if you are interested, we wrote a blog about it.

The visor insert is connected to a rechargeable batter pack which lasts up to 8 hours. The battery can be quickly and easily charged using a micro USB lead. The battery also offers a boost mode, so if the weather suddenly turns for the worse, VISIN will up the power on your command, producing clear vision in environments ranging from -20°C to 60°C.

The insert is easily fitted by the rider themselves. You can be up and running pretty much straight away – this is your solution to a universal heated helmet visor.

Impressed? We hope so… Sounds great, right? You can order your VISIN right now.