Battery Powered Heated Visor

Battery Powered Heated Visor

If you have just searched ‘battery powered heated visor’, we feel your pain too – having a visor fogging up is frustrating. More importantly, it’s dangerous.

A bit about us

We come from a conductive optical coatings background – meaning we have designed and developed electrically conductive glass and plastics that are utilised in many applications, including heated windows. This transparent and conductive coating is used to demist aircraft windows, for instance.

Some of the team are also avid motorcyclist enthusiasts and are no strangers to visors fogging up. We felt the anti-moisture visor options available just weren’t up to the required standard, so using our experience and knowledge, we set about to correct the issue – and so VISIN was born!

VISIN – Battery Powered Heated Visor

We have developed the world’s first heated visor insert, which can be applied to any helmet visor. The visor insert is coated with the clear conductive coating which allows a small current to be passed across the film, instantly generating heat – and clearing the visor of any fog rapidly.

Once clear, the visor remains clear for the duration of the battery life (around 8 hours). Importantly, there is no need to open the visor at any point – it will remain clear constantly. This is where the moisture prevention visors just didn’t cut it for us. If there is low air circulation and high humidity, those visors are always going to fog up.

VISIN just doesn’t do that.

VISIN is the only universal, battery operated heated visor insert available in the world. Using our tried and tested technology keeps riders safer in adverse weather conditions by improving their visibility. VISIN operates between -20°C to 60°C.

When the battery powered heated visor insert is active, the visor is fog free. If required, there is even a boost mode which increases power by 2.5 times. The boost mode lasts for 40 seconds and will clear visors, even in the most extreme of conditions.

The battery power pack is charged via USB. With an 8 hour battery life, this should be sufficient for most riders journeys, it not all.

Road tested… Yep, we road tested it alright

As well as rigorous testing during our research, design, development and manufacturing stages, we have tested the end product extensively.

To add further confidence and to compound what we already knew, we tested the battery powered heated visor insert by travelling from Cape Town, South Africa, to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and back again, exploring 10,000 km’s of endless glorious landscapes and amazing roads with perfect vision every step of the way.

(tough gig…)

We launched VISIN in December last year at the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC. The response we received was overwhelming and we now have many very happy customers who are riding safer and fog free.

If you want to join them in fog free rides, you can purchase your VISIN battery powered heated visor insert right now.

Happy Riding.