How Do I Keep My Helmet Visor From Fogging Up

How Do I Keep My Helmet Visor From Fogging Up?

As keen motorcyclists, we are only too aware of helmet visors fogging up. We are guessing you googled ‘How Do I Keep My Helmet Visor From Fogging Up?’ and found this blog. Good, because we have the answers!

There are a few options that ‘may’ help stop your visor from fogging up, and we will list them below, along with a solution that will never let you down – whatever the conditions.

First up, open the visor… yes, this does work but it’s not ideal, especially in the colder months. Instead of fog, you are literally crying.

Must try harder.

How about an anti-fogging spray? These can be a bit hit and miss and again not too effective in colder conditions. There are visor inserts that claim to reduce fog too, using a variety of different chemicals but these are also subject to very differing results.

We have heard people suggest wearing a face mask to catch the condensation from your breath, but to be honest, we really hope we have seen the last of face masks.

How Do I Keep My Helmet Visor From Fogging Up – The Solution!

So what about that ‘solution that won’t let you down’ that we mentioned? Let us introduce you to VISIN, a heated helmet visor insert. We are immensely proud of this!

We come from a background of supplying specialist coatings, one of which is transparent but allows the substrate it is applied to to become electrically conductive. If you’re interested, this is Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). ITO is used in many different applications, including heater windows and touchscreens. We are also big bike fans and knew we had the knowledge, experience and technology available to bring ITO to the biking world.

By applying a small charge across the visor insert, your helmet visor will remain clear of fog, even in the most challenging conditions – trust us, we have road tested VISIN to the max.

The VISIN heated visor is made with high-quality materials and is designed to fit most standard helmet visors. It is easy to install and can be running in a matter of minutes. The visor insert comes with a rechargeable battery pack. The battery lasts for 8 hours on continuous run time.

For more demanding conditions and maybe at the start of a ride, there is a boost mode which will clear helmet fog instantly.

The VISIN heated visor insert will stop your helmet visor from fogging up. You can order your VISIN right now.