How to enhance the safety of your motorbike visor

How to enhance the safety of your motorbike visor

When it comes to bike safety, your visor has to be right up there in terms of importance. Having clear vision obviously has some serious safety benefits, and not just to see the road that lies ahead, but also your changing environment and other traffic users and pedestrians.

Correct care and maintenance are essential for the vision aspect but also from a financial point of view as they can be expensive to replace.

Some Basic Visor Care Tips:

Don’t ride too closely to other vehicles and bikes as this may lead to loose stones firing up and hitting the visor.

When you take your helmet off, make sure it is placed somewhere sensible and not where the visor could get scratched. It is advisable to store it in the soft felt bag it came in.

Don’t ride with the visor open in dusty conditions as the dust may enter the internal part of the visor causing damage.

If you get bugs on screen, although it’s tempting, don’t wipe with your gloved hand – this could lead to smear and worse, it could even produce a scratch. It’s a good idea never to dry wipe a visor, regardless of the cloth you may have at hand.

Use a specialist visor cleaner (or replace with standard window cleaner spray – just as effective and costs a lot less!), or at the very least water, just to lubricate the cleaning cloth. Avoid sprays thar are oil based as these will leave a thin film residue that will hamper the vision.

If you do have a bug graveyard on the visor, allow the cleaning spray to work its magic. Leaving the cleaner on the visor before wiping will make removing the bugs a lot easier.

Top Tip:

Keep a small refillable spray bottle in your bike jacket pocket, so you always have something close to hand. A small microfibre cloth is also recommended.

If you do use a microfibre cloth, make sure you do not drop it on the ground or store in a dirty area – the cloth will pick up particles of dirt which may then scratch the visor.

Overall, your helmet should be treated and handled with care. It’s there to protect you so store away in a safe place and always be mindful when you are carrying it around with you.

The Ultimate In Motorcycle Visor Safety

Yes, we are a bit biased but the importance of having a clear visor is obvious and huge. In case you hadn’t noticed, we have developed a heated visor insert that fits all helmets. This insert is connected to a battery pack that allows the visor screen to be heated up, creating perfect mist free vision, regardless of the conditions outside.

VISIN is a ground-breaking bit of kit that we are very proud of. We have a background in specialist coatings for glass and plastics and are also real motorbike fans so it made sense to apply our technical knowledge to an area we love.

With an eight hour rechargeable battery life, VISIN allows riders to enjoy clear vision making each ride that little bit more comfortable and definitely safer.

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