Is this the most important motorbike accessory ever?

Is this the most important motorbike accessory ever?

There are some important bike accessories for sure… A suitable and road legal helmet, a toughened jacket and robust boots are a must, and other items such as hi vis vests or stickers would also make the list. We even think looping a Bluetooth system into your helmet is fairly important – where would we be without some good tunes?!

Most accessories are required by law for rider safety, none more so than your helmet. But helmets can come with their own issues too – namely fogging up, the bane of all riders everywhere!

Until recently, the solution to this would be to ride with your visor open slightly, which in colder weather is not ideal – there shouldn’t be a compromise between being able to see clearly in front of you and your own comfort.

There’s a new solution

VISIN is a heated visor insert that fits all helmets and can be applied in a matter of minutes. VISIN works with a USB chargeable battery pack and provides up to 8 hours continuous ride time. It has a useful boost mode to aid in ultra-fast de-misting. The boost mode lasts for 40 seconds and increases the standard power output by 2.5 times.

How does VISIN work?

The team behind VISIN have a wealth of experience working with a substance that is both clear and electrically conductive – Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). A lot of the team are also avid motorcyclists and knew they could employ their expertise to produce a visor insert that would allow riders to ride safer, for longer.

The visor insert has a thin layer of ITO deposited onto it, allowing a small electrical charge to carry across the visor which provides heat, which in turn de-mists. As ITO is also transparent, it is the perfect material to provide absolute optimum visual clarity. Clever right?

No more misty visors, no more lifting it up in the rain and the cold. Switch VISIN on and stay warm and safe!

Harsh environments are not a concern as far as visual clarity goes – The VISIN heated helmet visor operates between -20°C to 60°C.

Do you want clear vision when riding?

If you are interested in your own bike safety and particularly in a more comfortable ride with no visual impairments, the heated visor insert from VISIN is a really good option and potentially the most important motorbike accessory ever – You can order your VISIN right now.