The Number 1 Motorcycle Safety Tip

The Number 1 Motorcycle Safety Tip

Let’s face it, as much as we love our bikes they can be very unforgiving. It is therefore, crucial that we treat our bikes and ourselves with the respect we deserve. Your safety should be your highest priority, always.

Remember back to your bike training days and all the mirror checks, the road positioning, the constant speed checks… so much to take in. Now, you may have forgotten some of what you learned as well as bringing in bad habits. It’s time for a refresher maybe! Here’s 5 motorcycle safety tips, in reverse order.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #5

Wear the right gear. Focusing on protecting yourself from both the environment and god forbid, the asphalt, the right protective clothing is naturally critical to your safety. Pay attention to footwear – if you wear open toed footwear, you don’t deserve to be riding.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #4

Ride within your skills. It’s a common fact that most riders think they are better than they are. The ones that recognise their own skills and ride accordingly will always be safer. Weaving in between other cars might bring a little buzz, but it could also bring a little (or big) accident.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #3

Keep looking. Us bikers are not as big as cars and can sometimes be missed. Although it shouldn’t be, it is up to us to be more vigilant than our 4 wheeled friends. And if you are not sure if you have been seen, don’t take the chance. You also need to be constantly observing all aspects of your changing environment – never stop looking and being aware of everything.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #2

Keep your distance. This is an obvious one, but one that will reduce accidents. If you ride too close to a car or other rider, either in front of or to the side, if you are too close you are inviting danger.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #1

The Number 1 Motorcycle Safety Tip? Make sure you can see everything, all the time. By having a clear visor, you will always have optimal vision. The best way to achieve this is by using a VISIN heated helmet visor insert.

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Stay safe fellow riders.