VISIN Specific-Fit Shoei Neotec Visor Insert ONLY


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The World’s First Universal Heated Visor Insert. Enabling Safer Journeys with Increased Comfort for Shoei Helmets.

(Helmet not included)


Additional or Replacement Specific Fit Shoei and Compatible Heated Visor Inserts for your helmets.

NOTE: This product requires the Visin Battery Pack/Controller to function. Cannot be used with any other power pack.

The Specific Fit Shoei Visor Insert is available for the following helmets.

Shoei GT-Air
Shoei GT-Air-II
Shoei Neotec 3
Shoei Neotec-II
Shoei NXR
Shoei Qwest
Shoei RF 1100
Shoei RF 1200
Shoei TZ-X
Shoei X Spirit II
Shoei X Spirit III
Shoei X-Twelve
Shoei X12
Shoei X14
Shoei XR 1100