Safety Helmet Visor Inserts

Safety Helmet Visor Inserts

There are a variety of products available to help you ride safer and most of these are either legally required or at least there to offer a higher level of protection. No sensible biker sets off without leathers, safety boots, gloves and helmet.

There’s a large collective that feel the main danger on the road is simply other factors, namely other motorists or pedestrians. To a point this is true, so it is important that riders stay alert at all times and respond to all visual clues that danger is imminent.

So to combat what may be the main threat to riders, visual clarity is absolutely essential.

Let’s Talk About Helmet Fog…

The bane of riders lives and when you read the above, it obviously has an effect on our own safety. Helmets fogging up is a serious issue, with the standard solution being to open a visor slightly to ventilate. But this has its own drawbacks, streaming eyes and a miserable ride.

A fogged up helmet severely impairs a riders vision, which could have disastrous consequences – Until now…

Safety Helmet Visor Inserts

AKA VISIN, the world’s first heated visor insert – designed to enable helmet fog free rides, regardless of the conditions. Literally a thin film that can be fitted (by anyone) to an existing helmet’s visor.

This is achieved by a clever material called ITO (Indium Tin Oxide). ITO is a clear substance that is also electrically conductive which can be deposited as a thin film onto glass, plastics and thin films.

The VISIN visor insert has this specialist coating and is connected to a rechargeable battery pack. Because there is a small charge available to run across the visor insert, the insert can generate heat – enough to banish that helmet fog.

VISIN is available to fit a standard or enduro style helmet, essentially making it a universal helmet visor insert which works with all helmets. The accompanied battery pack has an 8 hour run time and is easily and quickly recharge via micro USB.

There is also a twenty second boost mode for when the environment/ situations require it. This generates 2.5x the heat and will quickly and effectively remove any fogging.

Say goodbye to those foggy rides! Say goodbye to riding with the visor slightly open! These safety helmet visor inserts are, in our opinion, a real game changer.

VISIN has also been very well received into the UK market with some fantastic reviews online, you can read this full review by clicking on the link.

If you are interested in your own bike safety and particularly in a more comfortable ride with no visual impairments, the heated visor insert from VISIN is a really good option – You can order your VISIN right now.