The Best Visor On Helmet You Can Buy

The Best Visor On Helmet You Can Buy

There are many important factors when it comes to motorcycle helmets – they serve an important purpose: to protect your head should you need it. Obviously, a well made, properly fitted helmet is essential, but there are some that say the visor itself is as important.

To a point this is correct – the visor protects you from wind, rain, dirt and bugs, whilst allowing you to see clearly. Yet visors can have limitations, such as fogging up so much you cannot even see your hand in front of you…

We have a solution to that…

Forget riding with a slight opening gap from helmet to visor to remove fogging, those days are gone. You can now purchase an insert that fits any visor which will immediately remove any mist and then continue to keep the visor clear for hours.

VISIN is the brainchild of a team of specialist coatings that also happen to be bike enthusiasts. The coating that is used in VISIN visor inserts is clear and also electrically conductive. When a small current is passed over the visor insert, a small amount of heat is generated which removes the fog from within.

Simply the best visor on helmet available right now (in our humble opinion), VISIN works with all helmets and can be easily applied in minutes to any existing visor. You will be riding fog free in no time!

VISIN comes with a rechargeable battery pack and offers 8 hours continuous use. There is even a boost mode to rapidly clear any fog. This is simply unrivalled visibility in adverse weather conditions.

VISIN keeps riders dry, warm and safe – enabling them to enjoy the ride and focus on the road ahead with enhanced safety and in comfort.

Of course, there are other anti mist solutions out there, but none use our special conductive coating – the other ‘solutions’ are, in our mind, somewhat lacking and come with varying results.

Pinlocks, anti fog sprays and non conductive film inserts just do not provide the same results as VISIN. In fact, these solutions can leave you fogged up when you need them to work the most.

If you are interested in your own bike safety and particularly in a more comfortable ride with no visual impairments, the heated visor insert from VISIN is a really good option – You can order your VISIN right now.