Visor Inserts for all Motorcyclists

Visor Inserts for all Motorcyclists

There is a huge range of visor inserts available. Some are just standard tints, others claim to offer unrivalled anti fogging properties, however (and we are naturally biased here), there is only one visor insert you need to know about – VISIN, the world’s first heated visor insert.

Visibility when riding is often an issue and the main cause for this is due to the environments that we ride in. Is anyone fed up with visors fogging up? Are you still ok riding with the visor up a bit to clear the fog?

Even worse, if you’re suffering the above and have already purchased on(one) of those anti fog visor inserts! There is a better way… If you haven’t heard of what we feel is the best visor insert for all motorcyclists, let us introduce you to VISIN…

VISIN works differently and provides a small but steady heat output, clearing visors and removing any trace of fogging.

VISIN was the brainchild of the tech team at Diamond Coatings, who have worked with large corporations delivering clear conductive coatings in a variety of applications. These coatings have even found their way into outer space!

The clear layer used in VISIN visor inserts is produced using Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and allows each visor to be heated, without compromising on a riders vision. There is no other insert like this available in the world.

(Science Bit) ITO is a clear substance that is also electrically conductive. VISIN visor inserts have a thin layer of ITO deposited onto the surface of the insert, enabling a charge across the surface which provides heat – which quickly and effectively de-mists the visor.

The visor insert is connected to a rechargeable battery pack which lasts up to 8 hours. The battery can be quickly and easily charged using a micro USB lead. The battery also offers a boost mode, so if the weather suddenly turns for the worse, VISIN will up the power on your command, producing clear vision in environments ranging from -20°C to 60°C.

The visor insert can be easily fitted at home and is designed to fit all helmets. You can be up and running pretty much straight away and enjoying the aesthetic and safety benefits VISIN has to offer.

VISIN has wowed the motorcycle trade for the last year since its launch and has received a number of favourable reviews from Industry leaders.

If you are interested in your own bike safety and particularly in a more comfortable ride with no visual impairments, the heated visor insert from VISIN is a really good option – You can order your VISIN right now.